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practice self love in a creative space

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Self Love Artist

Self love is the art of deeply appreciating who we are

The concept of self love has gained popularity since the 1990s. Many of us have understood it on an intellectual level, but our hearts have yet to experience on a deeper level what it means to truly appreciate ourselves unconditionally. The times that I have actually been able to connect with that loving, gentle and kind part of me have been when I have taken the time to practice being loving, gentle and kind to myself. 


That's why I've created a creative space to practice self love together, in hopes of inspiring many people to practice being loving and kind to themselves. I have named this space Self Love Studio  and during my work - in groups or individually - I will present 24 different exercises to facilitate the learning of a gentle and kind language with ourselves. The goal is to come to understand also from the heart what it means to appreciate ourselves unconditionally.

Like an artist who practices his/her art consistently and regularly, you can become your own self-love artist and enjoy the wonderful masterpiece that is your life!

Self Love Studio

A studio is an artists creative space, it is the place where art is born

An art studio is the most private and intimate place that an artist can have. The Self Love Studio is a creative place where self love is created, practiced and nurtured. With me, you will learn how to create your own loving self-talk either in a group session or an individual session depending on your preference: ​​


Self Love Studio Individual

Duration: 45 min

Format: in person or online

Language: English, German or Spanish

Value: 70 euros  


Self Love Studio Group

Duration: 60 min

Format: in person or online

Language: English, German or Spanish

Value: 35 euros per person 

Small groups of 3 people


About me

Natalia Villanueva García

My career started as a music composer, graduating summa cum laude in 2012 from the mdw- University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. I then founded the Max Steiner Orchestra, the first symphony orchestra specialized in music for film and video games in Austria. Parallel to my company, I have also worked as a Project Manager and Music Supervisor in the music industry with world-renowned artists including Hans Zimmer, Anna Netrebko, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Newman, and Danny Elfman. In 2018 I completed my master's degree in business administration with a specialization in project management, Professional MBA at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Executive Academy. I am currently faculty lecturer at the MUK Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna teaching film and commercial music. 


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Alser Praxis Vienna

Alser Straße 30/7 

1090 Vienna, Austria (Europe) 

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